Love is Beautiful

Love is Real, Love is Beautiful

Anyone who is anyone and everyone who knows me, know that I am a hopeless romantic, yes, I said it. I can’t help it, I just really enjoy the feeling of love and being in it. I know that  I’m not the only one that feels like that though.

I just want to know what love is to you? I know that for me it  feels like a wave of warm emotions, you know the type im talking about, the type that have you checking your phone every two seconds just to see if they have hit you up or whenever someone brings their name up, you can’t help but to smile. Yeaaa, that shit. Haha

I just find it so crazy how that same feeling can have you avoiding, ignoring, backstabbing, cursing, and eventually becoming familiar strangers. Where do we go wrong? I ask this because I have had my ups and downs with like/love/ and lust and each time is a lesson learned. I do believe that true love exists and that there is really someone for everyone in the end. It amazes me that soul mates really exist, there are millions of people out there and you’re only meant to be with/for that ONE. That’s beautiful to me.

My life is so funny, I try to take everything in for what it’s worth, like, I have friends that are all for love and then I have the ones on #teamfucklove or #teamhe/sheaintshit and it’s so crazy because I know that in the end, everyone wants someone, life is not all about “jus fuckin”,too many people are hiding behind that and it’s sad, I blame the media for fucking up my generation though. I feel like people are so anti-relationships these days, but why though? Hmm? Could it be the music that we listen to these days? I swear everything is jus “fuck dese hoes, fuck dese niggas, dese bitches aint shit, kut buddies,ayeeee!!” Everyone’s timing is fucked up and no one really knows what they truly want, hurt people are hurting people, and doing the right thing isn’t looked at as doing the right thing anymore. I dunno though, just wanted to vent.

To anyone who is reading this post, what is love to you, where do we go wrong with it, is it just a phase, and why is it so hard to find? True love that is…

Besitos XxXxX